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2nd September 2020

Sunshine Toddler news September 2020

Over the last weeks we have been researching and thinking about how and when we could start up the groups again – the guidance is not that clear for groups such as ours. We are aware that some private toddler activities are beginning to open, however, we want to clarify our plans for the future and let you know how we have come to the decisions we have made. Whilst we are keen to get the groups open again we have to be sure it is the right thing to do.

The Early Years Alliance states parent and toddler groups can reopen, however it is clear that currently they MUST ensure families socially distance from others. At Sunshine Toddlers children are free to move around the rooms and activities, as are the adults, and the last thing we want to do is put more stress and pressure on parents by asking them to keep little ones socially distanced, added to this, guidance states masks must be worn, no sharing of toys, no soft toys, no singing and lots of other legislation. Sadly, for the time being Sunshine Toddler Groups will remain closed – as soon as guidance changes and we can safely meet we will let you know. In the mean time do use our Facebook page to share ideas of activities or thoughts about surviving this time.

However, we have been looking into opening a Baby group for parents and non-mobile babies as we have checked this is allowed and we can offer this safely once risk assessments and a booking system are in place. Please email if you, or someone you know is interested in joining so we can send them full information.

Please note it is strictly for non mobile babies and their parents. We are also considering setting up a Covid safe toy library if families are interested in this. Again, please email if you think you would be interested in this to let us know if it would be used. We miss you and your little ones and do hope that you are managing with all the things that this time is throwing at us. We are particularly thinking about those of you who have children starting school for the first time this week. We pray it all goes well and that there are lots of happy smiles as children and families settle into new routines.

Do get in touch if we can help in any way or just to let us know how you are doing either on the Facebook page or via email.

Love from the Sunshine Toddler Group Teams

Sadly the below Toddler group is currently close due to the Covid Restrictions – 17th March 2020

Sunshine Parent and Toddler Group is open to all parents who have children under 3 yrs. We meet together to enjoy a morning of friendship and fun every Monday and Wednesday (except school holidays) in the Church Hall, from 10am until 11.30am. The £1 admission fee includes refreshments (tea, coffee, squash & biscuits) for each parent with toddlers.

The morning is spent in a warm and friendly atmosphere – an ideal place to get to know other people. We serve refreshments at around 10.30am followed by a crafts/ activities table for toddlers to make messy, sticky things with guidance from our helpers. Parents tend to enjoy this part of the morning most of all! There are a number of toys and books available throughout the morning for the children.

We have various resources to give joyful background music, with a TV and DVD player in a separate room so the nursery rhymes and songs can add variety to the morning.

It is a wonderful way in which to meet new people and gain new friends!

For more information, booking in or finding out more please contact us.

Anne Gardner 01787 312346 Monday Group

Jo Longhurst 01787 379468 Wednesday Group