Prayer Triplets


At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit. Pray all kinds of prayers. Be watchful, so that you can pray. Always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

(Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, 6:18)

Prayer triplets are when three people commit to gather together for prayer on a regular basis.

They are a great way of weaving regular prayer into the daily fabric of our lives, and offer a way of praying with each other that is meaningful and relevant to our everyday.

They give the opportunity for prayer to become established as a down-to-earth habit as we grow as followers of Jesus.


Why a Triplet?

Gathering as a three has many advantages. Firstly it’s not too many people to get together on a regular basis. Secondly a gathering of three people enables a good level of accountability and trust. An important part of gathering for prayer is that we grow. Grow in our awareness of God, and how others and ourselves relate to him, living in his purposes for our lives. Sometimes this means being open to our lives being challenged. A group of three is a better place to do this than a group of two or four. The third person in the group acts as an accountable partner or ‘balance’ to the other two in the group.


Meet when it’s convenient

How often and for how long you meet in your triplet is entirely up to you, and can adapt according to your your routines.

Some may decide to meet for 10 minutes before work each week. Others may decide to meet for an hour a month. The key is to agree to pray together regularly, however that looks for you.


Extra ways to keep in touch: being imaginative

Although there is no substitute to meeting together face to face, using text, phone, or social media can be a really useful way of keeping in touch.

Why not set up a WhatsApp group on your mobile phone, and send your prayer triplet encouragement throughout the week? This is also a great way to ask for prayer when you’re on the go.


Accountability & trust

Once you are part of a prayer triplet and all three of you have begun to get into a regular habit of meeting together, your relationships with each other will soon start to become deeper and more meaningful.

Learning to trust each other is important, and your group should be a safe place where confidences are kept.

Your partners in prayer are people that can help shoulder burdens and stand with you in times of trouble. So It is important that you all feel that you are able to be honest, and not judged.

We recommend that prayer triplets are made up of people of the same sex.



When meaningful relationships and friendships are formed with people from a different generation we can grow and experience God’s goodness in new ways.

Why not take up the challenge of forming a triplet with others who you are not from your natural friendship circle?

Learn to see God and life from a different perspective through the wisdom and energy of others.


Contact details

If you would like to talk about Prayer Triplets further or would like help becoming a part of one, please get in touch with Mark Ulanowski, the pastor, or Sydney Platt the deacon for prayer, and we’d be happy to help.

Mark Ulanowski –
Tel: 01787 881910

Sydney Platt –
Tel: 01787 310732